Bubble Level Watch

The traditional bubble level tool, with both a bull’s eye level and horizontal/vertical levels that also sends real-time information to your Apple Watch. This allows you for example to set your iPhone on the top of a tripod, and work on leveling its legs by looking at your watch – without having to go through the stand-to-look-level/crouch-to-adjust-leg routine.

North heading is also included, as well as an accelerometer/gyro switch in case one of the two works better on your phone.



Apple_Watch1 Apple_Watch2




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2 thoughts on “Bubble Level Watch

  1. David Plunkett says:

    Hi, I used to use your App on my Apple Watch series 2. However, I recently up graded to a Apple Watch series 5, but now cannot find your App anywhere? Does this mean it’s no longer compatible with the Apple Watch? – It still works fine on my iPhone 10.

    Many thanks

    • ecuador says:

      The Bubble Level Watch stopped being developed/sold years ago since there was not much interest, so it is left on an old WatchOS which is incompatible with modern versions.
      I have tried to reply to you directly with more details and an alternative, but the emails seem to bounce back. Please use the contact page to message me with a valid email if you’d like more help on this. Thanks

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