3D-printable iPhone X dovetail holder!

October 1, 2018 // by ecuador

An industrious Polar Scope Align Pro user, Zach Hartman, shared with me photos of the iPhone X dovetail (standard “Vixen” style) holder he made to use with the app’s daytime alignment tool, which follows my suggestion of extending the phone away from the saddle to reduce effects on the magnetometers:

He also uploaded his design to Thingiverse, so that anyone can download it and print it:

Pretty cool, and hopefully helpful for people who are trying day alignment.

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4 thoughts on “3D-printable iPhone X dovetail holder!

  1. Jan de Heer says:

    Excellent tool!

    Can I order one ?

    • ecuador says:

      Sorry, I am not sure how to order one if you don’t have a 3D printer, although if you google for “thingverse 3D printing service” there are some services that can print a thingverse object for you, like the one I link to.

  2. Per Helge Nissen says:

    Which arca swiss is it for. I got the print and it is too wide for Sirui’s head.

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