Bubble Level + Compass

A basic bubble/spirit level tool, with both a bull’s eye level and horizontal/vertical levels and a simple compass. It is normally included in my astronomical app (Polar Scope Align Pro) where it has some extra functionality (night mode, watch version), but I decided to release it as a separate free app because I once needed to quickly install such an app on an iPhone and could not find one with the features I wanted.

Basic Features:
-Bull’s eye level with surface angle reading, horizontal/vertical levels with angle readings (0.1 degree steps).
-Compass with North heading reading in direction and degrees.
-Works on iOS 6 or newer.

Extra features:
-Magnetic declination reading, which shows the offset between magnetic and true north for when you want to use a physical magnetic compass (requires access to your location).
-Accelerometer/Gyro switch in case one of the two works better on your phone (Gyro is default).
-Calibration level of your magnetometer (compass) is displayed.


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