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Service discontinued

Unfortunately, the webmaster of asked me to stop this service, so it is terminated as of 2017-09-05. 


If you live in the UK (or Canada), chances are you have used to buy or sell second hand astro equipment. If there is something you are looking for, you might be checking the site often until it comes up. To avoid missing a deal I was using a script on my computer to automatically check for the things I was looking for. I thought I’d share this capability so I moved the script to my web server and made a little interface for anyone to add/delete alerts. I haven’t tested it thoroughly yet, so consider it a beta test and tell me of any problems you might have. Remember, it is not a search on AstroBuySell, it will only alert you on items that are posted after you create an alert.

Get/Reset PIN Number

To avoid abuse, you have to get a PIN number via email before registering any alerts. If you lose the PIN don’t worry, just enter your email again below and get a new one. Make sure to answer the security question about the solar system.

Email Address:
Largest planet:

Add Alert

You can add an alert using your PIN number (use the above form if you don’t have it). In the search word/phrase box enter one or more (separated by space) words or parts of word that you want matched. The search is not case sensitive and can contain numbers, while a match is made if ALL terms are found Eg if you enter the words: canon¬†600 then an ad such as this: “Canon 600D camera” will match, but “Canon 60D camera” will not match. So if you want to search for either of two terms, you will have to add a separate alert. Leave the maximum price blank or zero if you don’t want a limit. Only new (i.e. created after your alert) for sale posts will be matched. You can add up to 5 alerts per email address.

Email Address:
Search Word(s):
Maximum Price:
ABS Country:

List/Remove Alerts

When you create an alert, you will get a confirmation email that contains a link to delete that alert. Alternatively, submitting the form below will send you an email with a list of your active alerts and the links to delete them.

Email Address:


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