Xasteria 1.11 released! World Astro Weather Report for iOS

August 14, 2017 // by ecuador

What’s New v1.11

-Added French localization.
-Quick access to the latest Water Vapor satellite images.
-Improved contrast in some pages.

More info on the Xasteria page.

Download on the App Store


What’s New v1.10

-Rotation to landscape orientation enabled for iPad.
-Clear Outside and Meteoblue alternative weather sources are accessible in browser window.


-The 7Timer! service that Xasteria uses will be down for technical reasons. The 7Timer! people are sending their apologies, it is unfortunately an issue beyond their direct control. An alternative weather report link is added for the meantime, and Xasteria will connect to its own server on app launch and notify users about any changes to the situation.


-Small visual improvements for some devices.
-Fix: Restored full results for ISS passes and Iridium flares.

What’s New v1.7

-Ability to use the time zones of remote locations instead of being fixed on your device’s zone (select Time Zone: From Location in settings).
-Iridium flares for your location (satellite icon, then button ->Iridium).
-Show only future ISS passes.
-Make it obvious that table cells in satellite lists expand when tapped.

What’s New v1.6

-Information for visible ISS passes over your location.
-Fixed display issue when sunset/twilight is after midnight.

What’s New v1.5

-Disable “Auto Location” when selecting a location from the recent list.
-Fix previous locations refresh issue when switching to “Auto Location”.


-Added sun/moon rise/set and twilight times.

What’s New v1.3

-Added list of recent locations.
-Moon display corrected for South Hemisphere (inverted).


-Fix bottom of settings page cut-off when having devices connect to your personal hotspot.
-Fix possible crash on iOS 6.


-Fix bottom of settings page cut off when having devices connect to your personal hotspot.
-Fix possible crash on iOS 6.


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