Polar Scope Align for iPhone and iPad v3.1 released!

April 4, 2017 // by ecuador

WHAT’S NEW v3.1:

-Astro calculators: Over 15 calculators useful for observing and astrophotography, from eyepiece magnification and field of view, to imaging resolution and reducers. (Pro)
-Xasteria uses the 7Timer! service which will be, unfortunately, unavailable for technical reasons for quite a while. Thus, a link to an alternative weather report is provided, and my own server is accessed and a message about the status of the service is retrieved. (Pro)
-Added South Hemisphere versions for two Skywatcher reticles and improved reticle instructions.
-Sharpless 2 catalog added to the DSO DB, as well as 329 named stars and a few more named nebulae, taking the total to over 13000 objects for the Pro version, bright stars added to the non-Pro version.
-Added ability to sort by distance from an alt/az coordinate point in DSO DB.

More info on Polar Scope Align on the dedicated page.

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Free Version

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Pro Version

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Pro Watch Version


-Deep Space Object Database with over 12000 objects from several catalogs (Messier, Caldwell, NGC, IC, Herschell 400). The database is searchable and fully configurable with filters, various sorting methods etc. The non-pro version has a smaller database of the Messier and Caldwell objects.
-Reorganized settings screen (reticles were getting to be too many to fit the page!).
-Added Kenko Skymemo RS reticle.
-Added σ Oct version of the Astrotrac.
-Added NexStar named stars list. (Pro)
-Added some missing data on iOptron/Meade Star lists. (Pro)
-Fixed some Iridium Flares and ISS passes not showing. (Pro)
-Fixed dimmer behavior in tables. (Pro)
-Vixen Polarie display shows arcmin instead of years for Polaris location.
-Various tweaks in app layout and help.

WHAT’S NEW v2.11:

-Telrad reticle added.
-Recent location list added in Location manager. (Pro)
-Iridium flares for your location (satellite icon in Xasteria, switch between ISS & Iridium Flares). (Pro)
-Ability to use the time zones of remote locations instead of being fixed on your device’s time zone (Advanced settings). (Pro)
-Show only future ISS passes. (Pro)
-Make it obvious that table cells in star lists and satellite lists expand when tapped. (Pro)
-Fixed cases where the Apple keyboard popping up was not the dark version (iOS 7+). (Pro)

WHAT’S NEW v2.10:

-Details on visible ISS passes over your location (the ISS icon in the Xasteria weather report page). (Pro)
-Fixed display issue when sunset/twilight is after midnight. (Pro)
-Fixed minor layout issues for some iPhones. (Non-Pro)
-Replaced iAd. (Non-Pro)

WHAT’S NEW v2.9:

-Vixen GP/GP-DX polar scope added.


-Separated the very old style Synta (Celestron / Skywatcher etc) reticle from the more common “classic” (and actually current for Celestron, but replaced by most others), in order to match better those two reticles respectively. Reticles list re-arranged a bit.
-The “classic” Celestron/Skywatcher etc reticle can be calibrated (using dift alignment or ASPA) so that its epoch matches yours exactly.
-Advanced settings screen improved, “Always show dashed cross” option added (it helps with some reticles to have a horizontal/vertical line for reference).
-Xasteria shows sun/moon rise/set and twilight times. Choice of twilight type in Xasteria settings. Auto/manual location control from Xasteria page. (Pro)
-Fixed polaris centering problem on Watch when paired with 5.5″ iPhone. (Pro Watch)

WHAT’S NEW v2.7:

-Switched time/date entry fields to local time by default (UTC is now shown below LST) in order to avoid confusion about the date shown. You can still switch to UTC entry in advanced settings.
-General help added (icon on top of main page).
-Sun & Moon Rise/Set times in lunar calendar. (Pro)
-Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer option added in the “Rotated Reticle View” function. Allows you to check polar alignment while the Star Adventurer is tracking. (Pro)
-Added new iOptron named star list. Added Meade LX200 star list. Star lists show more data when a star is selected. (Pro)

WHAT’S NEW v2.6:

-Corrected Synta 2012-2032 reticle name. Celestron hasn’t switched to it so far, only Orion / Skywatcher.
-Lunar calendar. Tap on the Moon! (Pro)
-Moon phase corrected for South Hemisphere.
-Calculating stellar aberration (optional).
-Show atmospheric refraction correction (for Astrotrac).
-Improved alt-az alignment error display page (zoomable, remembers values). (Pro)
-Advanced settings page (with tip jar).
-More Help.
-Fix iOS 9 disappearing image on watch. (Pro Watch)

WHAT’S NEW v2.5:

-Setting the reticle zero point on “new” style Synta (Skywatcher / Orion) mounts that come with the reticle installed in a random orientation.
-“Classic” Celestron / Skywatcher / Orion as well as Losmandy polar scopes get an option to set the “zero position” RA for mounts like modern Celestron GOTOs which you do not have a resettable setting circle. You should only need to find the zero position once.
-Constellations on “Classic” Celestron / Skywatcher / Orion drawn to match reticles (instead of matching the sky).
-Improved help.
-Updated Tuthill to better match the actual reticle.
-Updated Takahashi EM200/400 to aid those that have the 2000-2030 version.
-Adjusted location list display (font size & placement) for iOS 9 devices.


-Meade 9×60 Polar Viewfinder added.
-iOptron “Old” scale correction.
-Zoom toggle switch remembers your last magnification setting. (Pro)
-Reticle zoom display improved with polar star location in view and increased max. magnification. (Pro)


-Updated Tuthill Polar Axis Finder.
-Accuracy and elevation data from GPS added to Location Manager. (Pro)
-Polar Scope Align Watch Edition renamed to Polar Scope Align Pro Watch (Apple request).


-Distance listings in miles when switched to Imperial units.
-Updated help for several reticles.

WHAT’S NEW v2.1:

-Xasteria world astro-weather report based on 7Timer! data (hit the new “X” button!). (Pro)
-Added Astrotrac / Losmandy / Kenko reticle support.
-Added Tuthill Precision Polar Axis Finder
-Classic Skywatcher / Celestron… adjusted circle to better match actual reticles.
-Vixen precision alignment method for Southern Hemisphere and alternate reticle.
-Fixed v2.0 scaling issue on Tak 2015 and Tak 2030 reticles.
-Various small fixes.

WHAT’S NEW v2.0:

-Added Takahashi EM200 / EM400 reticle.
-Added Classic Skywatcher / Celestron / Meade / Orion reticle.
-Added Vixen Polar Axis Scope reticle.
-Reticle help button.
-Fixed Sigma Oct display for South Hemishpere.


-Added Orion 2012-2032 reticle for the latest Orion mounts.
-Online place/address search. (Pro)
-More data on iOptron Named Star list. (Pro)
-Auto-location updates immediately. (Pro)


-iOS 9 font fix. Get it if you are on iOS9!
-Local time added.
-iOptron Named Star list. (Pro)
-Fixed negative hour angle display in rotated reticle view. (Pro)
-Fixed manual location entry in Location Manager. (Pro)


-Location manager with world database (cities/towns of at least 1000 population) and ability to load/save favorite locations. (Pro)
-Alt-az alignment error display for mounts that calculate it after star alignment (e.g. iOptron iEQ45, CEM60). (Pro)
-Moon phase
-Higher accuracy movement in the Reticle Centering Error screens.
-Offset calculation for Takahashi EM-200/EM-400 users.
-Corrected Tak 2015 label.


-Added Takahashi 2000-2030 reticle.
-New Watch Edition released for those who have an Apple Watch.


-Added bubble level and North heading (Pro).
-Cleaned-up design, especially settings page.
-Fixed iOS 6 launch issue (non-Pro).


-Takahashi 2010-2050 reticle added.
-iOptron ZEQ/CEM users get rotated display for polar alignment even when the mount is not in zero position. (Pro version)
-Red/White light control & back LED light. (Pro version)
-For reticles with year-cycle markings, the year cycle notation for the polar star position is listed on the lower right of the reticle.
-Fix PM bug when 24-hour time is disabled for some locales.


-Zoomable reticle view. (Pro version)
-Improved Astro-physics RAPAS reticle.
-Improved look.


-“Force GPS” option (try it if you don’t seem to get a location update at rural areas with no cell signal).
-Expanded dimmer to all screens (pro version).
-Fixed installing Free instead of Pro version for some devices (sorry).


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