3D-printable iPhone X dovetail holder!

October 1, 2018 // by ecuador

An industrious Polar Scope Align Pro user, Zach Hartman, shared with me photos of the iPhone X dovetail holder he made to use with the app’s daytime alignment tool, which follows my suggestion of extending the phone away from the saddle to reduce effects on the magnetometers:

He also uploaded his design to Thingiverse, so that anyone can download it and print it:

Pretty cool, and hopefully helpful for people who are trying day alignment.

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2 thoughts on “3D-printable iPhone X dovetail holder!

  1. Jan de Heer says:

    Excellent tool!

    Can I order one ?

    • ecuador says:

      Sorry, I am not sure how to order one if you don’t have a 3D printer, although if you google for “thingverse 3D printing service” there are some services that can print a thingverse object for you, like the one I link to.

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